Sunday, July 18, 2010

Street Fighter 2V (volume one)

I recently decided to get myself an old anime, because I was tired of wait for new shows to release one episode each week. Why’ll looking, I came across Street Fighter II, Vol. 1, an old anime made in the year 1995 (and yes people it not a movie it’s an anime series). The volume 1 I got has 8 episodes; each episode is about 23 minutes.

The anime is about 17 year old Ryu who lives somewhere in Japan (a place with no cities but a lot of trees). One day Ryu gets a letter with a plane ticket from his childhood friend Ken, telling him to come to America and visit. Ryu gets into a plane for the first and visits his friend Ken (did I tell you that can is rich and is a red head in this anime). On his first night in America Ryu gets into a fight and gets bitten up by Guile. After this experience with Guile, Ryu and Ken decide to travel all over the world to fight people like Guile (street fighters).
I found that the Ryu in this anime is completely different from the other Ryu’s, (who are the strong and silent types). This Ryu is not afraid to speak his mind, his more down to earth and his always ready to fight. The fights are amazing for an old anime, full of hardcore fights. I’m glade to say that I found no traces of the dark hadou (all the street fighter movies talk about the dark hadou). Why’ll watch this series I liked the Japanese tracks better, because the Japanese voices added more emotion to the series. Street Fighter II, Vol. 1 has both dubbed and Japanese track with subtitle. For me this was a good anime worth watching.(the number of copies available is limited)

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