Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Saint Seiya – The Lost Canvas (Follow-up)

Get this, in Saint Seiya the lost canvas there are bronze cloths but some of them are silver in color like Tenma’s. I took the liberty to show some pictures from the ova. 

You wish I was bronze (Tenma as a bronze knight).

Is this Bleach or what (The gold knights, ready to serve Athena).

Are you my long lost brother? (Tenma meets his rival).

Alone (Hades), Sasha (Athena) and Tenma (Pegasus) together as a big happy family.

I see, you have been busy Alone (Tenma finds out that Alone is Hades).  

I should have listened to my doctor (Hades kills his old friend Tenma without much effort).

Where are you going (Tenma finds Sasha now known as Athena).

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