Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Saint Seiya – The lost canvas (OVA)

This ova was released last year (2009) in June, it has 13 episodes so far. I have been putting off watching this ova for a long time. A friend that I call Otaku-prime gave me a copy of saint seiya the lost canvas to watch (how thoughtful). This article is for does that are like me and didn’t watch the ova.
When I started watching this series, I was astonished to find that main characters name was not Seiya instead it Tenma (but their cloths go by the same name). The story begins 250 years before the original Saint Seiya, with Tenma as child and he having a friend called Alone who looks more like a girl (Alone is kind as you would expect). This ova revolves around Tenma, Alone and Sasha who got adopted before the start of the series (did I forget to tell that they are orphans). In the first two episodes I found out that Tenma was the Pegasus, Sasha is Athena and get this, Alone the weakest is Hades. So far in series I have not seen any bronze cloths, it seems like the starting point is the silver not like the original saint seiya.
I think this saint seiya may be better than the original (I maybe saying this because I have not seen the original series in years). Another thing that surprised was the opening theme; I was song in English not Japanese and the end in Japanese (I like ending song more though).
If you haven’t watched Saint Seiya the lost canvas, what are you waiting for?


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