Sunday, July 11, 2010



Afro Samurai resurrection is a movie, which is also known as Afro samurai season 2. It’s a sequel to the original series by the same name (Afro samurai). The movie continues after what happened in the first series, where Afro kills anyone who gets in his way to revenge and the number 1 head band. As the series came to an end Afro confronts the owner of the number 1 head band and the person who killed his farther. The movie begins after Afro became owner of the number 1 head band. Losing his will to fight and to kill Afro goes into solitude, leaving his head band by his father's grave. While in solitude Afro is attacked by Sio and Jinno, who take the head band and the skull of his father. Now Afro must start all over again and fight his way back to the top.

DVD Review

I was lucky enough to get the director’s cut version of the movie, which consisted of two discs. The picture quality is pretty good but it does not make an Anime good . The sound in this movie is clear; the music is pretty good too. Now let’s go to the storyline which was great in the beginning and got less exciting towards the end. The only scene I enjoyed was when Afro fought with the new number 2, who had greater skill then him. I felt that the number 2 holder didn’t have to die, because he was only trying to hide the head band to stop the killings. In the end I enjoyed the movie in directors cut; I would give this DVD and movie 6 out of 10.  


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