Sunday, July 4, 2010

Cromartie High School (YEAH!!!)

Cromartie High School also known as Sakigake !! Kuromati Koko, is a comedy manga by Eiji Nonaka. A few days ago, I got my hand on copy of the infamous Cromartie High School volume one Dvd. At first glance the dvd cover looks like any other anime cover should look (the cover is for covering all the madness inside). This anime is not half bad; it’s just that you may need a somewhat mature or twisted sense of humor. The story is about Takashi Kamiyama, a straight ‘A’ student who for some odd reason enrolles in a high full of dropouts and bad asses. After enrolling at Cromartie, Kamiyama tries to takeover the school with his smarts. In the first week of school, Kamiyama makes weird friends and weirder enemies. Although each episode runs for approximately 11 minute and 50 seconds it’s very entertaining. In this volume I get 8 episodes, which all this add up to 4 episodes if they went cut to 11 minutes each. The picture quality is good and I would say the same for sound. Volume 1 has both dub and Japanese tracks with English subs. I really enjoyed the opening them song. I give this anime 7 out of 10. (I think it better for anyone else to get the full Boxset)

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