Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bleach Ends

Is this really the end of bleach, after such along run? After looking at the current chapter of the Bleach manga this may be the end. In the Bleach manga after Ichigo and Aizen’s fight which ended with Aizen being sealed, Ichigo starts to lose his powers. Rukia tells Ichigo that he will lose the ability to see ghosts as well, which means he won’t be able to see her anymore. After Rukia tells Ichigo that he won’t see her anymore this makes him sad. That’s all I have seen from the current chapter, but if Bleach ends, the story will have a lot of holes. I want to know where Ichigo’s father Isshin comes from and the story behind his mother (there has to be more information about his mother). Can a person in soul society give birth? I ask this because there are all this royal families in soul society which don’t like to mix with other souls. Give me a break Ichigo still thinks he got his powers from Rukia (crap there are a lot of holes in this story). But I would like Bleach to continue, although it’s hard to do that when the main character have becomes the most powerful. We will just have to see what comes next (please no spin-offs).

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