Monday, August 16, 2010

Fourth Bleach Movie – Hell Chapter (update)

Guys the second trailer to the fourth movie of bleach is out. We find out that the movie is called Hell Chapter (sounds like a filler title to me). Like the title of the movie, Ichigo goes to hell for what ever reason. I thought the first trailer was bad, but to tell you the truth after seeing the second trailer I change my mind (the second trailer is a peace of cr**). In the trailer they don’t even show the villain, although the hell’s gate design has changed a little and looks a lot cooler. The movie will have Ichigo’s new hollow form in action; I guess the transformation in the series was maybe a once-off thing just to promote the movie. The movie may be set in another universe, which gets me thinking that Ichigo may not make it out of this one alive or may become the King of Hell.

I am looking forward to the fourth bleach movie because anything hollow Ichigo touches turns into gold (at least I hope so).

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