Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fourth Bleach Movie Release Date Confirmed (update)

TV Tokyo has announced that the fourth Bleach movie will premiere on the 4th of December (4th movie 4th of December, what a coincident). Even Tite Kubo the creator of Bleach is involved in the making of this movie (Considering that Fade to Black was a flop). The fourth movie has been trying to get some hype going; those pictures they have been showing don’t do it for me (current picture on top). If Bleach wants my attention, they’ll have to release a trailer full of hardcore and extreme fights.  


Saz said...

Thanks for visiting my site the other day :)
I've read your posts ^^. They were fine but a little short... You might want to change your blogs' template or what more you can personalize it!
I can't really say much as you have read in my blog I basically suck at reviewing anime and stuff but try to put more depth in your writing. Like in this post, why don't you like the bleach poster?
If you're looking for inspirations, ideas or examples browsing anime blogs will really help.

cecil04 said...

Thanks Saz for commenting,I'll take your advice and get a new template and put more depth in my writing.