Monday, July 26, 2010

Bleach Exile (Site of The Week)

From now on if I have time i will review a site.

People have been asking me were can they download anime and manga for free. So I will review one anime site per week to let you guys know were to get it.

Don't let the website's name bleach exile make you think it's all about bleach (although half of it is). The site offers anime downloads like bleach and new titles to download directly and free. It has both high quality (avi) and low quality (mp4) (it's better to stick to their high quality download, the low quality is not that good). If you like bleach raw episodes they are there for you to download. If you are a manga fan, at bleach exile they let you download manga or just view it online (you can choose from a lot of manga titles).

To download at bleach exile, you need to register which of course is free (it only take a minute or less). You don't need to register to view manga online. 

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